This is the story of how I, Ellen, am losing weight and being a total nerd about it.

So, this morning’s weigh in was a big one - I finally passed the 240 threshold!! I’ve been in the 240s for the past 3 months - major plateau, but looks like I’m going to move past it.  I’ve already lost more this month (and its not even over) than the last two months totals combined!! Yay!!!!

Posting that chart is a big deal for me. Plus, I’m SO close to the weight I wanted to be for my surgiversary. I’ll call that a win. Still have a week to add to the total loss, but I’m close. I’m not upset about it at all. :)

Also posted is my weight loss graphs to-date from practically 1 year ago this week. Makes me feel good on the inside.


BTW, if you were to average all of the weeks weight loss over the past 52 weeks…. it would average out to be 2.25 pounds per week. Consistantly. That. Is. Phen. Om. En. Al. Love that.

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  1. happilyconfused said: Chart Tuesday makes me jealous.. not sure if it is your weight loss or you amazing charts though ;) keep up the great job and yay to no more stall!
  2. theweightwarrior said: Where did you get these charts?
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