This is the story of how I, Ellen, am losing weight and being a total nerd about it.

It comes as a surprise to me that this specific NSV came during my blog’s blackhole days, but it did. Well, and actually it happened yesterday BUT the fact that it could happen yesterday after not pushing myself as hard as I have over the past year TO ME is impressive.

Ok ok - now to the point:

I’ve known for a few weeks now that I wouldn’t be able to find a 5K that (1) existed in August and (2) fit my crazy schedule so I just said to hell with it all and I’d run in my self-imposed 5K. I don’t need to pay a $40 entry fee to run 3.1 miles.

So, Keser and I decided that this Sunday at Bocephus would be my official August 5K. I downloaded Endomondo (highly recommend this app to runners who are past C25K) and even though I’m only on WK7 for C25K, I figured I’d just jog until I needed to walk. 8 minutes is hard to gage without C25K telling me when to walk and when to run.

Keser, her sister and I all started out with our typical 5 minute walk, and then after that the run begins. Well, I started and didn’t stop. Because we were running at our regular spot on the Katy Trail, I knew approximate distances where I should start walking again. I guess I just overlooked where my normal spot to start walking was and I kept going. Once I noticed I passed that spot, I thought well - just keep going - who knows how far I can go.

There’s a twist though. As I’m running, before I hit mile 1, my big, smelly sister, Emily, called. I texted her back and we had a short convo via text WHICH I did while maintaining to run (when I say run, I mean jog) and then went back to focusing on the task at hand. Well, after I passed what I THOUGHT would be the 1 mile mark, my Endomondo didn’t go off telling me my time. I check the app - it has stopped about 5 minutes prior. Ugh. FML. Erk. Ugh. So, I started it up again and it recognized the appropriate distance, but said I had run an 8 minute mile - which I totally believed (ha). So, I figured I’d just add 5 minutes onto my end time.

While I’m jogging, I didn’t realize that I don’t know if I’ve ever even run a mile before IN MY LIFE… if I have, I do not recall it, and if I haven’t, well I have now. I can guarantee that I have never run 3 miles before, consecutively. I can also attest that I’ve never done 2 miles! So, after I hit about the 1.25 mile mark, right before the turn around, I wondered if I could do the whole thing without walking.

I didn’t doubt myself until about the 2.5 mile marker. That’s when I was really like, ‘just for a minute - if I could walk for just one minute’ but my rationalization then was ‘well, it’ll take longer to finish’ so I kept going. Nice motivation.

It was really nice to have accomplished that feat. I know that this isn’t exactly a 100% reality for all 5Ks going forward because the Katy trail is the flattest piece of land I have ever had the pleasure of jogging on. BUT at least it’s a launching point going forward. I’ve done it and it’s not longer a mind game for me.

Aside from keeping up with the momentum, I need to start working on the time. I completed this 5K in my typical 45 minute time frame… Completely obnoxious because why jog when you can walk it and be done at the same time… However, I know that I can get faster and improve time when I’m jogging, where as walking, I’m maxed out and it’s not possible to improve that time.

Anyways, wanted to share my big NSV. We’ll see if I can run the entire time for my next 5k that I have paid $$ for. :)

BTW, weirdest part about the whole experience. Whenever I STOPPED running - right after I hit 3.1 - and started walking, it’s nearly like my body forgot what it was like to walk again. It had to readjust back towalking.Weird and cool at the same time.

Welp, I’m out - talk to you all soon!

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